This page will contain sample lessons and syllabi for the Game Development and Simulation course. It will be directed toward Game Development, but will have a healthy dose of simulations.

There is a project that is not listed below that is currently being initiated as a collaboration among schools in DPS. The design doc and MDA are upoloaded, and may be accessed below. The first storyboard will be uploaded soon. The project will be comaposed of two games, one to teach cell structure, and the other to teach about cell division. Rather than a virtual lab, this will be in a game format, and will be prototyped and game-played at the high school level, and tested for effectiveness at the middle school level.

Sample Lessons

The following are lessons that were developed during the first year of the Game Development and Simulation course at Northern High School. They became more structured during the course. These were preceded by games in Game Maker and Scratch, and the first of these assignments was two months into the course


This is a description of MDA (Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics):

This resource is Ian Schreiber's online book/blog course (free):

Second Year Assignments

This is a newer version of the Algebra Game, and should reflect Algebra I skills needed to pass the End-of-Course test (EOC) for Algebra I.

Grading (Budget):

The Sports Game assignment:

First Year Assignments

Mythology Game: I asked the English Department at Northern HS for a suggestion of a myth that would be largely unknown by our students. The suugestion was to examine the ancient Hittie myth of Telepinu.

Algebra Game: After a brief consultation with the Mathematics Department, the obvious choice was a game to teach algebra.

Sports Game: The next game was meant to be fun, as students designed a game around, well, games.

Food Chain Game: Science was the source of this game that was designed around levels in a biological food chain.

Space Game: This was one of the final games, and required a full back story.

Special Project

Two students are beginning work on a game to teach about cell structure, and another game that teaches cell mitosis. These are aimed at a Middle School audience, but might be adaptable up or down.

Design Doc:

MDA (Mechanic-Dynamic-Aesthtic):

The first storyboard will be uploaded as soon as it is scanned and saved.

This is a preliminary, somewhat buggy executable in Game Maker. It appears that the plant cell portion is not yet complete. There are four levels thus far.
This is version 1.2 of the Cell Structure Game. The students will be addressing more learning areas in addition to the "action" format.

I was asked to post this document to the deals with how video games can be used to affect learning. You may find the information in it useful.